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Sound Sensitivity Solution

Sound Sensitivity is commonly associated with autism and with difficulties in the areas of Sensory Processing (SPD), attention/focus and anxiety. It is known to interfere with many every-day activities.

Our wireless headphone/SD card combo is designed to empower parents, carers and teachers to create an individualised solution by recording calming tracks onto the lulls SD card.


Jade Louise McEvoy
 reviewed LULLS - Sound Sensitivity Solution – 5 star

23 April at 18:24 ·

Lulls have helped my little boy so much. He has sound sensitivity and can become distressed in certain situations, where there is a lot of noise. Since we started using the lulls he has started to participate in events, which he would not before. We can now confidently bring him to family gatherings etc confident that the noise won't be to much for him. We put his favourite music onto the lulls, and he loves putting the lulls on and listening to his music, and it really helps regulate him. Really can not recommend lulls enough they have made a huge difference to our lives. Thank you so much Alice �




Paula Mullins reviewed LULLS - Sound Sensitivity Solution

5 star

23 April at 17:34 ·


We would highly recommend using LULLS as a preventative tool for people with Autism. Our little boy uses his LULLS earphones when we are going out shopping or out on the street so that he doesn’t get overcome with the environmental sounds around him. The headphones have really helped to reduce his stresses when we are out and about. Thank you Alice, we will be forever grateful.



Michelle Leech-Cass reviewed LULLS - Sound Sensitivity Solution

5 star

25 April at 09:41 ·


This is an innovative creation that is so helpful when my son finds noises overwhelming. He can listen to the music he likes and the situation becomes less stressful for all of us. Congrats Alice, you have a bright future in science intrepreneurship ahead of you!



Jennifer Ryan reviewed LULLS - Sound Sensitivity Solution

5 star

26 April at 13:12 ·


Our little boy has been involved in the trial for LULLS. He would be quite sound sensitive and we have found them so helpful, especially when we are out & about as a family. Such a great product