A soothing sound for one person may be an unbearable sound for another person.

A trial and error process is needed to figure out what sounds are calming for each individual.

Our current research indicates that three types of calming sounds predominate. These types of sounds are:

                              1. Nature sounds, especially running water

                              2. Favourite nursery rhymes

                              3. White noise

The good news is that all these sounds are available for download. Here are a couple of recommendations for making your own sound track:

                              * - available as MP3 files for download

                              * - mix and download your own custom sound track. Over 50 different source sounds.

                              * - a huge open-source (free) sound library with over one million downloadable clips. Just use the search engine at the top of the page and type "white noise" or whatever you like.

To put music / sounds on your SD card, follow these steps:

     1. Put the micro SD card into the SD card holder.

     2. Insert the card reader into the SD card on your computer

     3. Copy the music / sound files (eg, MP3 format) onto the SD card from you computer.

     4. Insert the micro SD card into the headphones.